Why Small Business Should Invest in Content Marketing

invest in content marketing

Many small business owners are not sure whether to invest in content marketing is good for them or not. Content marketing requires very little seed investment and has a very high ROI potential.

“Content Marketing is the only marketing left”, these words are said by Seth Godin, one of the most creative marketers of all time. When a brand creates its own content then many new business opportunities open for them. Content marketing involves digital storytelling in a way which provides unique information and experience for your customers. And at the same time, it serves to convert information seekers into customers

If you are still not convinced about content marketing then we have put together a list of 4 reasons why your small business should invest in content marketing. Read till the end and you will definitely change your stance on content marketing.


Investing in Content marketing is the best marketing strategy

Most businesses don’t want to invest in content marketing because they are already invested in traditional marketing. They spend a lot of their marketing budget on IMC & PPC campaigns, targeted SEO and digital outreach.

But you perhaps didn’t know that content marketing reinforces all of these marketing tactics. Content marketing complements PPC by providing more opportunities for the landing page.

Most of the times a visitor is not looking to buy anything. However, they are absorbing information quite actively. You should provide them the answers they are looking for by publishing targeted blog posts. As soon as a visitor goes on your blog post you can try to convert them into a customer by showing them relevant ads.

Social media is the hub of digital marketing. However, obtaining appropriate content for sharing with your audience can prove to be a difficult task. You can improve your presence on social media by developing your own content.

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Get more high-quality traffic for your website

You can increase visitors on your website by creating quality content and publishing it on dedicated digital channels. The best thing about this approach is that it brings in the best traffic. Consumer research has indicated that content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing. This is because your brand is connected to visitors when they need information. And when they are looking to buy something they come to you first because they trust you now. This would provide you with a unique opportunity to gain loyal customers.

Giving your customers meaningful content is much better than forcing unwanted advertisements on them. Some marketers even argue that content marketing is the only form of digital marketing which is scalable.

There is reduced risk

Whether you choose to run commercials on TV, start an IMC campaign, publish ads in the newspaper, run ads on Instagram & Facebook, or give promotional offers, these are going to be quite expensive. These require a considerable initial investment and there is a lot of uncertainty involved. Most of the time it involves a lot of trial and error before you find a combination of these marketing strategies which delivers considerable sales.

Content marketing, on the other hand, requires very little initial investment. And since most of the time you publish the content on your own digital platforms so you don’t incur any expenses to keep it running. If your approach doesn’t work then you can always improve your strategy by getting direct feedback from the customers. This is the biggest advantage of content marketing. As customers engage directly with your touch points and leave comments, so you always know what they liked or disliked and what can be improved.

Your competitors might get ahead of you

Most of the businesses today prefer content marketing over traditional marketing. This means that all of your competitors are also doing it. Assuming that you don’t want to fall behind, it is highly suggested that you go for content marketing as well. Consumer research indicates that consumers are more attracted to brands who have a story to tell. The user buying behavior revolves around the quality of customer experience. So, you need to provide them with an elegant journey before they make the decision to buy your products.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.