6 Reasons Why Nigeria is good for Business

nigeria is good for business

Nigeria has one of the largest markets in Africa and its population is huge. The country is also known as one of the world’s leading business locations, home to numerous enterprises all doing businesses in various areas, of the country. Moreover, there are many who would point out that doing business in Nigeria can be tasking considering the control of several processes by the Nigerian government. Moreover many have asked the question of how good is doing business in Nigeria?  Let us consider some of the reasons why Nigeria is good for doing business.


There are several problems to solve

One important thing a business must do is solve a problem. This is why it is important for businesses to note that Nigeria, as an entity, is burdened by several social, economic, health and educational problems. All of these offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to create business ideas that aim to solve these problems and ensures that these business ideas are well accepted in the market for which they are created. This means, where your business is solving a problem, you are guaranteed to grow.

The Nigerian Population as a Factor

The Nigerian population was recently peaked at 200 million, and to the ordinary thinking man, these are just extra mouths to feed and statistics to account for. However, to the business-minded individual, this is numbers that would influence growth for businesses in Nigeria.

With population growth comes an increase in demand for products and services which would be necessary for influencing the growth of businesses willing to offer their services in that regard. This makes Nigeria ideal for doing business.

Also, the number of the population means there is hardly any shortage of individuals to fill specific roles within the business organization. This makes it easier to run businesses and increase output and growth.

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Businesses have established themselves in the e-commerce sector

Businesses like Jumia and their likes are exploring opportunities in the e-commerce sector, creating opportunities for new businesses to thrive, and for old businesses to reinvent and refurbish their strategies. This increase in the e-commerce sector has opened doors for other businesses to thrive, establishing their framework on the platform that has already been defined by these pioneers.

Nigeria is becoming digitally driven

As the days pass, Nigerian startups continue to work assiduously on creating digitally automated tech solutions to everyday problems, creating more opportunities for businesses to thrive and grow. This is majorly inspired by the fact that the country is steadily becoming more digitally driven and more solutions are centered around digital technology.

Young people are driving innovation and investments

A fundamental reason why Nigeria is good for business is based on the fact that more of the innovations and investments in the country are driven by the youth population. This demography largely made up of tech-inclined people, drives much of the innovation and investments in the country recently, creating opportunities for foreign investors.

Numerous Investment Opportunities

One thing that Nigeria is known for when it comes to business is the multiplicity of investment opportunities within the country, considering the fact that Nigeria is an ethnically diverse geographical landscape, there are bound to be countless opportunities for innovation and investment. These opportunities inspire solutions that, in turn, inspire the establishment of businesses to serve the purpose of solving those problems creatively.


Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.