How to start-up a food business in Nigeria

food business in nigeria

Starting a food business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business if you are good at cooking. Although, they are many restaurants stringing up every day and you might be asking yourself why venture into the business? From my experience, many bachelors and married men love to eat homemade food so I say you can start by selling soup in a bowl for a start because you already have a market of hungry bachelors to feed. But how do you make a living in the food business industry in Nigeria?


Start Small

Starting small is very key in this type of business, you could start with friends and family. I once know a friend who started this type of business in school and she survives throughout university selling soups in Bowl.  The most important thing is knowing what your customers want and meeting their demands.  It’s not necessary to have a physical shop you can start online and see how it goes.

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Have an online Presences

Online presences / social proof is what people want to see in today’s business world. Therefore, ensure you have a facebook page, Instagram page and post video of yourself doing your magic in the kitchen they say the eyes eat food before the mouth more or less seen is believing.

Having a website could also increase your visibility online you can checkout Naija Restaurant WordPress Theme it’s designed to help people in the food business the website consist of features such as cooking classes, blog section, specialty section and many more to help you start your food business online.

Share your cooking Knowledge

Yes, you are in the food business and you want people to know you, the best way is to offer them something that adds value to them. You can record yourself cooking a dish that is difficult to make and share tips on how to make the dish the right way you will be surprised by how people really want to learn.  Moreover, you can also share some of your personal recipes on your website blog or forums online.

Determine your target customers.

Study the consumers to know what they want; how they want it, and at what price they can afford it, not undermining your profit. Learn to give consumers exactly what they want. You can achieve this through Market Research or a short survey on your website or social media.

Go to food cooking competition

It will amaze you on how many food competition are held in Nigeria, From Maggi cooking competition, Ajinomoto and know Maggi cube holding them every year. If you plan to cook for people then you might as well see how you will do under pressure with limited time. Nevertheless, you could also win a scholarship or a full cooking school scholarship.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.