How to make a living as a photographer in Nigeria

photographer in Nigeria

Photographers are best known for capturing an amazing moment in an event. But aside that how do you make a living as a photographer in Nigeria. Let say you have all the tools needed as a photographer but what happens if the phone stop ringing to cover events and parties or you are new to the entire business. Below are ways you can make a living as a photographer in Nigeria.


Start taking abstract pictures

Photographer helps the like of graphic designer and web designer with the images they take, however, it’s very hard to get very good pictures of abstract places in Nigeria. You can start taking these types of pictures and sell them online, there are lots of the website online you can list your pictures on and get paid for it such as Shutterstock, Alamy, fotomoto and many more.

Start a photography blog

Sharing your photographer knowledge. there are lots of people looking to venture into photography but have no idea where to start. write about the challenges you faced starting up your career in photography and you can also get paid when people read your blog post/v-blog via ads so its a win-win situation.

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Enter into a photo contest

A photo contest is another way to show your photography skill if you are very good with the camera. Many photographers believe they are not good enough to win it. But, before you decided to contest, attend one or follow one online and see peoples work and ask yourself can I create something like these?

Photographers contest are not so held in Nigeria but it does not stop you from joining the ones happening around you, you never know you might win the contest. Photocontestinsider does hold one from time to time I will advise you to check them out.

Assist a Photographer

Assisting as a photographer is one of the best ways to find work and start making money. You also get to learn a whole lot. Although you will need a strong portfolio if you are expecting to cover weddings and such.

Finding people willing to pay you the money you want for the work you’re good at. This is the dream and naturally the hardest part about getting started with photography.

If you’re assisting as a photographer, they have all of this setup and you will start to learn how it’s done. Take some time now and find local working photographers in your area. Contact them, ask if they would like an assistant.

Offer to do the first time for free if you like because, if you’re any good, then they will want you back. On another note, the photographer may allow you to use their studio for free, or even help you find clients.

Cover a restaurant

Many restaurants want to display their food to the public, however, some of them prefer to cut cost using their cell-phone to take pictures which leads to distorting or blurry picture. Offer to cover the restaurant event in exchange for a small fee or for the chef special menu. After all its a win-win situation.



Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.