Business tools for startups: 5 Free Tools for every business

business tools for startups

The world of startups can be a bouncy road and in order to get your car driven smoothly on this road, all entrepreneurs need tools to make a difference. Entrepreneurship is all about playing the right cards at the right time. It really is about making the right decisions and using tools that can utilize your time and abilities. Doing this in a primitive way doesn’t really help a lot of people in becoming a successful entrepreneur and one needs to have efficient startup tools to make a difference. When it comes to startup tools, a simple click over the internet won’t help you. Hence, after careful selection we have compiled the 5 business tools for startups everyone in the startup industry should be using:



One of the most common difficulties startup companies face is miscommunication among team members. Miscommunication can typically dent your chances of creating a team that is efficient and can lead towards disappointment. To solve this problem plenty of apps are available, however, the best one out there is known as Slack. Slack is a platform that is integrated to help you and your team to have firm communication. The app offers a platform that is fast and responsive in which team members can share important information through text, audio, and even video communication. The best part is that Slack can be integrated with Google Drive and Trello which also are great business tools for startups.


You might have already heard about this one as MailChimp is a great tool when it comes to lead generation. Emails today is considered as one of the most basic tools for the purpose of marketing and one needs such a startup tool to target a potential audience. If you’re using email services of Gmail or Hotmail then efficiency cannot be achieved. As MailChimp offers you the incentive of designing custom email templates, analyzing marketing campaigns and sending email drips. The best part is that you can start for free on these startup tools.

Hello Bars

Lead generation typically begins from your website and we’re sure that even if you’re generating a good amount of traffic on your website, chances are you’re still not generating enough leads. Hello Bars is one of the best startup tools out there for lead generation. It is a great tool in terms of the options it allows you to generate those email addresses that are so vital.

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Human Resource related problems can frequently dent startups chances of capitalizing fully of their investments. This is the reason why startups often fall short of funds when it comes to different aspects of a business and how to fully use them. GoCo is one of the best Startup Tools that can actually help when it comes to HR and process management. GoCo is an all in one inclusive HR assistance program that can mainstream the process of onboarding services for employees as well as benefits program. Such programs like GoCo can be influential when it comes to your business’s expansion.

Google Analytics

Last but not least, Google Analytics holds huge importance in startup tools. You can always build your own analytics platform at a later stage, but starting of Google Analytics is excellent. Google Analytics can be used to track all sorts of metrics which are indicators of your businesses performance.

So, here are the top five startup tools that all entrepreneurs need to use especially if they’re new in the field. Entrepreneurism can be a tough task and if you have the right tools life can become a lot easier.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.