5 coworking space in Lagos to get you started as a startup

coworking space

Opting for a coworking space in Lagos instead of going for a traditional workspace is one of the best ways of saving money when you start your business venture.

In this way, you won’t have to worry about decoration, furniture, electronic appliances, receptionist, electricity, and other such expenses. Instead, you can use the amount for these expenses as capital and by putting it to good use can get you increased returns.

Everything you need for your workspace: be it internet, printer, or a photocopy machine; coworking spaces already have it. If you love to have coffee in the morning but can’t afford a secretary who serves you excellent coffee then you needn’t worry.

Because the coworking spaces have a kitchenette where you can prepare anything you love and it is quite convenient to use. If you need your clients to be well attended to while you are busy with another meeting or on an official visit then don’t worry.

As there is a community manager employed by every coworking space who can assist with that. You get all of these benefits and many more without spending a large capital.

The biggest benefit of working at a coworking space is that you get to network as you belong to a community. Networking gets you connections, referrals, great advice and positive feedback for improving your services.

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Choosing which coworking workspace can be a challenging task. You need to know what kind of environment they provide and whether you will be compatible with them. You need to thoroughly look into the facilities and services they provide.

We understand that it might be difficult for you to look up all of this information on your own. That is why we have prepared a list of awesome coworking spaces in the Lagos. Here are our top picks


Seedspace Lagos Ikoyi

Seedspace is the place for you if you want to make the world a better place by creating an impact in emerging technology markets. They provide great physical space for young entrepreneurs and startups. You can also join their community which is known ad Seedstars. It connects deserving entrepreneurs with investors, mentors, corporate entities and digital media.

Their information is as follows,

Pricing: Starts from N35,000/month.

Address: 23 Agodogba Ave, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi.

Website: lagos.seedspace.co

Venia Business Hub

This is a great coworking space as it gives flexible and affordable solutions for solving problems with day to day operations and running a startup in Nigeria. It provides an amazing workspace without charging a large capital. They also offer shared offices, building collaborations, and providing networking opportunities.

Their information is as follows,

Pricing: Starts from N40,000/month. A single-day pass (Tempo) is N3,500.

Address: The Providence Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Website: veniabusinesshub.com

Stage 5 Creative Space

It is a coworking space which tends to instill creative thinking in the entrepreneurs which it houses. This leads to curiosity, innovation and communication from all aspects of life. If you choose to join their community then you will be able to explore new opportunities and get access to constructive feedback about your services.

Their information is as follows,

Pricing: Starts from N22,000. A day pass is N1,800

Address: 70b Itafaji Rd, Dolphin Estate, Lagos.

Website: creative.stage5.com.ng

E-volve Hub

It is a coworking space which provides complete opportunities for helping with your business. It also has a great community which is growing every day. You can be a part of this community and you will get to engage with amazing individuals like yourself and explore new opportunities.

Their information is as follows,

Pricing: From N40,000 to N10,000.

Address: 1st Floor, Providence House, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.

Website: E-volve Hub


This is a coworking space which serves to create a productive environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs, and small corporations. It equips its community with amazing operations and incubation workspace.

Their information is as follows,

Pricing: Starts from N30,000/month, N2,500/day.

Address: Unit 16B, Omorinre Johnson Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lagos.

Website: www.enclaave.com

If you are thinking about starting a new business or a startup then choosing a great coworking space is going to be the best decision you can make. As you will get amazing facilities while saving capital.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.