8 Common Entrepreneur Mistake & how to avoid them

Entrepreneur Mistake

Every entrepreneur in business has made some mistake or there how they bounce back from those mistakes help them keep their business together.

Whether it’s a tiny startup or a large business venture, running an enterprise in the first few months is a difficult task. You will face numerous challenges before you even officially launch yourself at public platforms.

If you can successfully make it to the grand opening then chances are that your start-up will also perform well in the coming years. For making this happen we have put together a list of common entrepreneur mistake and how to avoid them.


Inappropriate use of resources

You might think that focusing on a few key employees is important when running a startup. But this is not the best approach. New businesses must hire the necessary amount of workers for handling day to day responsibilities. This will allow the senior leadership and the owner to focus on the big picture.

Owners of young startups often assume that having finance, marketing, sales, and other support departments is a luxury. But it’s crucial that you utilize your resources for maximum administrative performance. You will end up spending most of your time on unnecessary things if you don’t have the appropriate human resource.

Chasing after Money

Many startups in the early stages go for every profitable opportunity they see. This is not a good strategy at all because they should focus more on establishing a long term revenue stream.

You must not accept more orders than you can handle. Nor should you make promises or deals which would strain your resources. Make clear objectives for your startup and aim to accomplish them so that you don’t get lost while chasing after money.

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Action not words

Success isn’t determined by the wording you use. You can use the most sophisticated phrases in your business plan and say all the right things in your presentation; it won’t amount to much. You must realize your words by working on your plans. Don’t spend all of your time on strategizing and start working on your ideas.

Don’t be a Hardhead

You must have faith in your plan and above all in yourself. If you don’t have confidence in what you are working on then how can someone else trust your business? Your vibrant attitude will aid you in connecting with potential customers and partners.

 This being said you must not be a hard head. You must keep an open mind and an accepting attitude. If a better solution than your current approach exists then, by all means, go for that. Don’t stick to your plan like a stubborn if someone else proposes a better one.

Your network is your net worth

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This old saying is true when we talk in the context of running a startup. Collaborators, allies, and partners can aid you in maintaining a steady operation even when your startup is facing any kind of crisis.

You will have to struggle for getting everything on your own if your networking isn’t effective. You must attend entrepreneurial symposiums and you must have active social media handles for getting networking opportunities with individuals from the same industry.

Instant success

Some startup owners have the misconception that they will be successful as soon as they launch their product.

Many young entrepreneurs think that if I start innovating then clients will start lining up. Well, we have got news for you. You are not going to be “trending” and they are not coming.

Changing the course of action

Changing your strategies suddenly because your current tactics aren’t working is the worst mistake you can make during the first few months. You must maintain a course of action even if it’s not getting immediate results. You need to hold your strategy until a better opportunity arises for the implementation of better plans.

No news is good news

Most startups run after getting media coverage only for getting attention. They assume that if a story about them gets featured on a famous website or the national magazine will get them prestigious brand recognition. On the contrary, attention does more damage than the benefits it promises. Because young startups aren’t capable of handling the attention which comes after a press coverage.

The best way for tackling this is to wait until your startup is completely operational and capable of handling the spotlight. This is a great way of ensuring quality and recognition.

In conclusion, we discussed Common Entrepreneur Mistake and how they can be avoided. however, Every startup business will definitely some make mistakes, How they learn from those mistakes is very important and it could decide if they stay in business or out of business.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.