6 Online Communities Every Startup You Should Join

Startup communities

The world of online entrepreneurship is an amazing one. Gone are those days when things had to be physical as now everything is done through the digital realm. The best part of the digitalization of businesses is the fact that now everyone can get themselves on the bandwagon.

However, if you’re new to online entrepreneurship then things might get a little overwhelming for you. For this reason, it is always advised that a young, as well as an experienced entrepreneur, should be involved in startup communities. Startup communities are places on the internet which are dedicated to ideas and theories on how one can run a successful startup. The main purpose of startup communities is the fact that it enables you to focus on your startup by engaging with experienced campaigners. Here are the top six online startup communities you should join:


Nomad List

Just as the name suggests, this startup community provides you an opportunity to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem. One thing that needs to remember is that #nomads is for solopreneurs, meaning a single person who is also traveling. On the platform, there are nearly 4000 solopreneurs who regularly share their experiences of living the digital nomad life. Such startup communities are home to creative personnel, developers and startup founders.

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Lean Startup

Lean Startup doesn’t exactly fall under the banner of startup communities. As it’s a feed or a thread on the popular questioning answering platform Quora. Such places can be an excellent source of gaining professional advice or if you’re looking for answers regarding your startup. Although Quora isn’t trusted by many people still we consider it as a place where many successful entrepreneurs can address your concerns.

Startup Grind

This one has been developed by Google and is designed for startup professionals who are willing to grind it out. As expected, the platform’s network is immense and is used by entrepreneurs all over the world. The platform includes chapters from over 185 cities which itself shows how huge it is. Furthermore, Startup Grind regularly offers events which feature successful co-founders and entrepreneurs. The best part is that this platform is for everyone which makes it inclusive. You can expect to make some real relationships here.

Startup Nation

The next on our list is Startup nation which describes itself as a platform where you can have access to everything you need in order to flourish. It was originally founded by two brothers whose only sole purpose was to create an ecosystem where ideas can be flourished. Entrepreneurism falls under many topics and they have almost everything you might need to look into.


TechHub describes itself as a global community for tech startups and entrepreneurs. It offers a community experience unlike anything else and even gives a chance to raise money for your startup. In fact, it has raised a total of $1 Billion for various startups in the community. It has local startups as well as international listed which overall makes a unique environment for you.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a global platform which offers you to connect with other entrepreneurs on a large scale. Impact Hub is a little different from other startup communities as it is more focussed towards startups that are impactful in the world when it comes to pressing issues. Impact Hub offers startup support along with multiple events that can further improve your understanding when it comes to your startup.

So, go through all of them and join a platform that speaks your heart.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.