4 business in Nigeria with regular income

businesses in Nigeria

Are you about to start a business? Do you think about creating a solution or making money? These 4 businesses in Nigeria with regular income can be a good start for you.


Fashion Designer (AKA Tailor)

Fashion Designer is a big deal in Lagos especially if you are very good with your work. what makes you a good and reputable designer is delivering on time although for young and upcoming designer things might get rough at first and then better.

How to make a living as a fashion designer

The best way to start a fashion design business is to design some cloth and wear them for yourself, you have to believe in whatever, you are selling/making if you are new or old in the business you need to wear your stuff first let people compliment your work.

Putting a price on your design is excellent but making it affordable also is what you should be looking at everybody wants a bargain so meet them in between.

Use social media, the easiest way to get know is by sharing some of your work online it takes 3-5min to get an account setup and boom you can start sharing your amazing ideas of your design don’t forget to do ads as well remember no pain no gain you want to make money you have to be able to send some as well.

Have a website can be a bit pricy but its worth it if you have a look online have you seen any fashion designer with a website that can take measurement and have them submitted to the tailor without them leaving their house see your job as a problem solver, a website is also a way to get your work shown to your clients.

Have some ready made stuff up for sale on your website at affordable prices for a start. Offer to work for friends and family especially the sisters and brother that loves to parties every Saturday, doing their party wear for them at half price and they sharing your business card/website with whoever asked who did the wear is a win-win situation but don’t sow for free.


Food is life, we all know how busy people are with work in Lagos getting to cook at home can be something else. However, have you observed the number of restaurant around your area over a couple of years? If you good in the kitchen has a lady or guy you can start something it does not have to be big.

Back in the days, I used to buy soup from a lady in badore Ajah are stew/soup is just too dope and its very affordable for a guy living alone. starting is the hard part but with friends and family, I can see your first 2-3 customers. Make soup in takeaway packs in different sizes and give it a funky name people will remember.

You can check out this lady on Instagram @freesiafoodies she makes a living from doing the above so don’t let anything stop you if she can do it you can do it as well. When the business starts growing don’t just stop at selling think about seminars, cooking classes it’s not bad if you share your ideas you might even learn more. And bear in mind people have to eat as well.

Bead/Jewellery making

Starting this business cost around 100 pounds(50k) that is me been over budgeting getting the tools from eBay and the likes. beads are very affordable and some are also expensive it all depends on the materials been used. Have you observed there are no market places for something like these in Nigeria? Imagine a website like https://www.etsy.com launching a Nigeria that is an avenue to sell your product if you have already started. However, that does not stop you from start doing some for yourself wear them advertise yourself. Start slow trust me nothing good start easy but you have to believe in your product, not the amount of money you want to make.

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Shoe Making

We have good shoemaking guys but they are all motivated to money which is good but in business, you have to look for a way to solve a problem that will keep you pushing you forward, as a starter for shoemaking business things can be hard you might need to wear your shoes yourself. Although, the internet is at your rescue uploading some of your work online can get you more client and remember you only need one client to get the magic started via referral.

Ensure your price is good and affordable and its something you can pay yourself have in mind you are trying to build a name here not to make the name varnish. Moreover, all the four business idealist above are very essential to many Nigerian from party goers to young bachelor just look at how big the market is and how much product you can sell if you strategize your business model very well.


Picking a business niche from the above is just a starting point they will be challenges has the business grows but Remember you don’t have to have a big shop, you can start from your house, use social media, have a website to showcase your work, there are some services that offer free website such as WordPress Moreover, after starting your business you need to think of how to source for funds and keep customers coming back.

Starting a business is hard no doubt about that. But creating a solution to an everyday problem is what entrepreneurship is all about.